Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day

Today is Election Day. And for me, since voting for the first time in Maryland in a primary against George Wallace's presidential bid, I have loved this important day in our country's process. I've never cared how friends, family or colleagues voted, just that they voted. Well that's not entirely true, as any of my friends, family or colleagues will probably tell you. I do strongly believe that we protect our freedom by exercising our Constitutional right to vote. I am proud that I live in a community that routinely turns out in greater numbers to vote than those down below.

So on this Election Day, the races I am watching in descending order of importance are in Maine, where there is a ballot initiative to overturn a same sex right to marry passed by the legislature and signed by the governor, the governor's races in New Jersey and Virginia, and a congressional race in upstate New York.

As a political junkie I am enthralled by the dynamic of watching the American electoral process at work. I still feel as I did when I cast my first vote - it is thrilling. I remember actually getting chills when voting for the first time.

Do we as a county always get it right? It depends upon your point of view or political affiliation. What is important is that we are still engaged in this process after two hundred and thirty-three years.

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